The Journey Begins!!

Life is a journey, which you realize when you look back over 10 years of facebook photos trying to find that perfect one for your new blog!. My journey began in 1998 when I met Chang Soo Han, (those years before can be forgot about thank you very much!!!). When I first met him, he had just immigrated to America and spoke very little English. I decided to begin tutoring him in September of 1998 and by April of 1999……well the pictures tell the tale.

Two years later I then found myself with our first born son, who was 14 months old, traveling on a 17 hour plane trip to meet my in-laws and to formally marry in South Korea so our marriage could be documented in the family history.

20 years later, we have had quite a journey. Our journey has brought into the world three beautiful and unique children. A martial arts school that we own and operated for 20 years in one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan. A homestead that we run and reduced from pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dairy goats, turkeys, bees, and a 2000 sq ft garden, to chickens, ducks, rabbits, bees and our garden. A myriad of diets based on food allergies and sensitives and a mish mash of American and Korean cuisine centered around healthy diets, allergy free foods and fermented foods as well as Paleo mixed into that.

I invite you into our family and hope you journey with us as we present many of our family situations and anecdotes, as well as amazing and authentic food recipes from Korea as well as our Paleo dishes and some experiences you can only have on a homestead.

Welcome to chopsticks and a fork!

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